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The kitchen is the heart of your home and deserves to be custom designed to meet your needs and tastes. We offer personalized finishes for kitchens using high-quality materials such as granite and wood, and we design innovative islands to create a functional and aesthetic kitchen. Our highly trained team takes care of every detail so that you can enjoy a perfect kitchen.


In our finishing service, we now offer you the option to choose countertops crafted with parota and mezquite, two exceptional materials known for their durability and beauty. Our team of experts will create customized designs that perfectly suit your needs and preferences. Furthermore, we are committed to providing professional installation, ensuring that you can enjoy your countertop for many years to come.


Discover excellence in door finishes! We offer top-quality exotic materials such as mezquite, parota, maple, alder, oak, and banak. Our team of expert craftsmen create unique, elegant, and durable doors. Add a distinctive touch to your spaces with our attention to detail and personalized service. Turn your doors into works of art!


Do you want to transform your bathroom into a unique and personalized space? We offer a complete wood finishing service, including clothing cabinets and mirrors, to give your bathroom a special touch. We work with high-quality materials and offer innovative designs that create an attractive and functional environment. Our highly trained team takes care of every detail to ensure a perfect bathroom you can enjoy to the fullest.

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Transform your spaces with quality finishes! In our company, we specialize in the manufacturing and installation of kitchen, bathrooms cabinets, interior solid wood doors, countertops, using top-quality materials to ensure durability and impeccable finishing. Let us help you create the home or workspace of your dreams.



We are a leading company in the field of kitchen, bathroom, door, and countertop finishes. Since our humble beginnings in 2014 as Carpintería Torres, we have grown and established ourselves as a recognized name in the industry. We focus on the local market and have expanded our services to reach customers in the United States. Thanks to our dedication to quality, we entered the market in southern Arizona in 2017, obtaining a contractor’s license and establishing our business in Sierra Vista, Arizona. We have also built a strong presence in the southeast region of Sonora, where we provide high-quality services and exceptional products. At Carpintería Torres, we are passionate about excellent design and finishes. Our highly skilled team creates custom solutions using high-quality materials and advanced techniques for durable and aesthetically impressive results.


Custom designs

We offer a personalized design service for every project, working closely with our customers to create unique and complementary solutions for their home.


High-quality materials

We exclusively use high-quality materials from industry-leading suppliers, which are environmentally friendly and meet the highest quality standards.


Professional installations

We have a highly trained and experienced team that carries out professional installations focused on efficiency, safety, and cleanliness at the workplace.


After-sales service

We offer a comprehensive after-sales service, which includes warranty on the workmanship and post-installation maintenance, ensuring that our customers are fully satisfied with our finished services.

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